Developer Dinners

Curated by local realtor and community connector Ally Behnke & Think Local First DC, these sit down dinners and speaker series will ignite conversations that explore the impact of physical and economic development on DC. Developer Dinners are a Year of the Local initiative.

These Quarterly Developer Dinners will focus on DC’s changing landscape by exploring:
•    How business corridors interact with the surrounding community.
•    Who is buying vs renting? And why.
•    Who are the people working and living in the transforming corridors?
•    What’s being transformed & how it fits into DC’s landscape and comprehensive plan(s).
•    Zoning and Policy: It’s impact on construction as well as its role in developing & transforming neighborhoods.
•    Who are the builders? The developers? The contractors? AND who is guiding their decisions? 

Next Dinner

February 25, 2015 | Place and Identity:
Speakers will focus on Place and Identity by zeroing in on business corridors and how they relate to the community around them. We will ask why it’s important to focus both retail and residential when transforming DC’s neighborhoods.